Mind Your Money. Live Your Best Life.
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You’re the COE (Chief of Everything) for your business

→ You have a CPA and maybe even a bookkeeper, but that’s where the separation from your money began.  

→ You’re not sure exactly when or if you can start paying yourself at all or more.
→ You think you’re profitable but aren’t sure what your margins are or where that $ is.

You don’t have a cash flow system, so inconsistent income is a constant stressor.

→ LBH, you are bomb.com at what you do, but money management seems just outside of your wheelhouse.

I help powerhouse, scale-oriented women entrepreneurs manage their business finances, keep more of what they make and reconnect with their money.


I Can Help You 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • I've used the Profit First cash flow system to 5x my profits, drive down debt, and streamline operating expenses in my business and those of my clients.

  • I was nominated as a “Latina Industry Leader” in 2019.

  • I’ve worked in cash flow management across multiple industries for 15+ years.

  • I’ve been named one of “99 Limit Breaking Female Founders” by Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global.

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What clients are saying:

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Deborah Whitby is by far, one of the smartest, clear-headed, and no-nonsense business women I’ve ever met. Yet, her entire approach to consulting is also underscored by deep caring and commitment to your greatest life. Her passion, drive and faith are absolutely inspirational for women looking to embark on their own entrepreneurial or financial success journeys.”

Judy Tsuei, Writer

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“After reading Profit first, I knew it could be the financial model I needed to create the discipline in numbers that I craved for, and yes, the book tells you what to do but the reality is if you're used to adding and pulling your money and expenses from one simple bank account, opening 5 additional account could be overwhelming, confusing, and down right dangerous in bank fees (true story). This is where Deborah is so valuable. In her financial coaching program she will help you get set up, comfortable using the system, and will not stop until you’re satisfied with the results. Definitely book her to help create ease and flow in your financial model."

Corina Frankie, Brand Besties

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I had the pleasure of hosting Deborah for my organization’s annual women’s networking event where she was a featured speaker. Months later I am still getting feedback from the event about Deborah- she was disarmingly honest, authentic, and shared some real business truths. She is a remarkable role model that doesn’t hesitate to share gritty details of running a business from financials to hiring. We would hire Deborah again in a heartbeat.”

Meghan Raucker, People Fund